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Erwan Leboucher

Android Developer/System Admin

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I'm Erwan Leboucher, I'm an 18 years old French developer, passionate by computers and Android Smartphone since my childhood. I am a student in the first year of IT school with at least 5 years of development behind me.

I graduated from High School in 2016 with a Scientific Baccalaureat.

Latest Projects

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Llama Sweet Kernel

Llama Sweet Kernel is a custom kernel for Android that improve performance, battery life and security.

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Other Projects

Deb Study

Deb-Study is an Ubuntu-based computer operating system. It facilitates work at home or in amphi with all the tools available to students. The system is optimized for performance and stability. It embeds tools like PostgreSQL, Sublim Text, Java, GCC ... It also has a kernel optimized for laptops.

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Work Experience

Developer - Device Maintainer - LineageOS/Cyanogenmod (2015 - Present)

Lineage OS is a custom OS based on Android.

Writer - ZoneActu (2016-2017)

Writing High Tech articles.

Technician (intership) - Micro Passion 76 (2013)

Building and Fixing computers.

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